Businesses grow when they react to situations that affect society. They view the possibilities that could harm our way of life and constantly makes the necessary changes to counteract this negative. Trouble shooting, think tanks and modern technology help make these visions a reality. Seizing an opportunity during uneasy times to help secure and improve our way of life has become the mainstay with some companies. Homeland security-related businesses are constantly searching for ways to improve protocol systems to combat and defeat hackers, thieves and terrorists.

If the security system of one bank be breached, then it could happen to all of them. However, companies like Homeland Security Capital Corporation (“HSCC”) feed off of this negativity and see it as an opportunity. Their creative platforms of security solutions to government and commercial customers have been well received. As a result, HSCC has helped bring in a new era of safety and security protocols.

HSCC’s subsidiary company, Nexus Technologies Group, recently received purchase orders that total close to $650,000. The subsidiary is providing several security installations for existing bank branches that are either under construction or revamping security systems for a large east coast bank. The overall efforts made by HSCC and Nexus have generated a stir in this market. Even as thieves, hackers and terrorist continue to evolve, you can be sure that HSCC will be on the front lines protecting what’s ours.