As technology advances to address our rising Homeland Security concerns, the approach is swift and precise. Technology enables us to provide innovative and scalable solutions engineered to effectively protect people, property and assets. They are just some the main concerns focused on right now. Others include: specialized technology-based radiological, nuclear, environmental, disaster relief and security solutions to government and commercial customers. As one can see, these are huge undertakings. However, with the right people combined with the right technologies, much can be gained.

In order to find a company that can meet the needs of that magnitude, one must look to the top of the list. Homeland Security Capital Corp., an international provider of specialized technologies, has just received in excess of $900,000 in security upgrade, renovation and reconfiguration work from a major east coast banking institution. A Master Purchase Agreement signed back in March 2009 shows that all tasks will be performed at existing bank branch locations. Safety, concern, and upgrading are the primary concerns.

Numerous branches for Homeland Security Capital to work with have been awarded as part of the Bank’s continuing efforts to standardize its security based infrastructure across the entire network. In addition, they have also engaged Homeland Security Capital to reconfigure their security infrastructure at these branches to accommodate their re-branding. The projects awarded by the bank require that the company replace and reconfigure vital workings of their security systems with upgraded technology, hardware and programming. These existing branch renovations pose an opportunity for Homeland Security Capital to expand its relationship with the financial institution including the areas of service covered in the mid-Atlantic region.