Premier international provider of specialized technology-based disaster relief, Homeland Security Capital Corp. announced today that its environmental remediation subsidiary, Safety and Ecology Corporation (SEC), received a $14 million contract for health physics and on-site laboratory support services. This contract was awarded to SEC for a one year base period through September 30, 2010, and three option years taking the contract end date through September 2013.

SEC is a rapidly growing U.S.-based environmental services company that provides services both domestically and overseas in Europe and the Caribbean. The company specializes in the removal and remediation of hazardous nuclear materials for the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Defense, various other federal agencies, and also for private industry. Since its conception in 1991, SEC has grown approximately 30 percent per year, and has emerged as a technology innovator with annual revenues of more than U.S. $70 million.

CEO and HSCC President, Christopher Leichtweis, commented, “SEC is excited about continuing our support to the USACE and EPA Region 2 mission in providing these highly technical environmental services.”

SEC`s scope of work includes radiological engineering and health physics, industrial hygiene, radiological protection operations, and database management to support soil remediation activities on multiple sites in Bergen County, NJ.