Everyone’s favorite child pageant contestant, Honey Boo Boo, or Alana Thompson, is already being criticized for her weight, though she is only seven-years old.

TMZ reports that one of the main mothers on the Lifetime series “Dance Moms," Abby Lee Miller said that Thompson "needs to get in shape. She needs to be at a dance studio. She needs to be training. She needs to work on her turnout." 

Though Miller also noted that she was not happy with her own weight, she thought it was alright to offer Honey Boo Boo advice about her own fitness regime. 

Media criticism about the weight of female celebrities was turned on its head earlier this week, after superstar Lady Gaga launched “Body Revolution 2013” after her weight was ridiculed following a recent concert in Amsterdam. 

Unflattering pictures were taken, and Gaga admitted to gaining 25 pounds in the past few weeks. She decided to post pictures of herself in her underwear on her official site, encouraging people around the world to be brave and embrace their bodies — flaws and all. 

But the fact that a grown woman is making negative comments about a seven-year old seems quite over the top. 

Honey Boo Boo hopefully will not be fazed by the harsh remarks made by Miller, as the young star has a lot in store. 

Thompson already has her own TLC reality series, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” and according to the Daily Mail, Amy Winter, the general manager of TLC, said Thursday that “Alana [Honey Boo Boo]and her family have become a pop culture phenomenon. What you see is what you get, and we are excited to share even more of their unbridled hilarity, sincerity and love with our viewers.” 

The reality series is going to have a second season, after averaging 2.3 million viewers per episode since its August debut.