A leaked memo in Hong Kong asking civil servants and policymakers to heed mainland Chinese reactions in future policies has provoked heated reactions, reflecting the two different mentalities in Hong Kong and China.

The memo, published by Apple Daily, a Hong Kong newspaper, quoted as follows, according to Shanghaiist:

Internal confidential documents obtained by this newspaper show that policymakers have received an order, going into effect next month, that all submissions to the Executive Council for discussion [...] must undertake a pre-assessment of the mainland government and public's reaction and perception.

RTR3BES4 Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung has been criticized before for his policies. Photo: REUTERS/Bobby Yip

 The newspaper went on to accuse CY Leung, third chief executive of Hong Kong, of "betraying the people of Hong Kong" and described the move as "tantamount to opening up the internal affairs of Hong Kong to mainland intervention," according to Shanghaiist.

A government bulletin admitted to the memo, quoted Leung as saying, this is a responsible action.

Since Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997 as a special administrative region, technically governed under a separate constitution, mainland China and Hong Kong have had a series of conflicts, owing to the two different mentalities. Recent controversies surrounded how much powdered milk mainlanders are allowed to buy without jeopardizing supply for Hong Kong citizens, and Hong Kong's contribution to the relief efforts for the Sichuan earthquake.  

Bad Canto posted some reactions from Hong Kong netizens:

Mak: Wow, the government has to consider feelings of the most emotionally fragile race. So, that means nothing can be done!

羅: As a house owner, surprisingly, one has to constantly worry about feelings of the neighbour. ...  However, this house is built by Hongkongers and definitely isn’t charity of the neighbour. It’s ridiculous!

雜近評論甜網: Building homes for Hongkongers? Mainland Chinese can’t buy. We’ve to consider their feelings: Chinks first!

Netizens across the Pearl River are just as angry, judging from Weibo reactions:

“Hong Kong is making such a big deal over nothing. Leung  is right, you are not a country, just China’s special administrative region,” Weibo user 地下paul  wrote. “Hong Kong has to consider how to work with mainland.”

“I don’t understand the problem, isn’t Hong Kong a part of China? If so why shouldn’t mainland reactions be considered?” 雅礼扫地生 wrote.

“You really think you are a country now. Didn’t you have to consider Queen Elizabeth’s feelings before?” 大树_CUPL wrote.