Today hopes and strong sentiments of optimism are spread on a global scale as that confidence is gradually enhancing across the country knowing that this past Friday a report showed that confidence rose to the highest levels in almost two years reaching to 75.5 from 73.6, while that indices in Asia and EU closed higher and a report showed signs of improvement were detected within the European Union industrial sector, which all in all boosted the trader's appetite of risk to have them target high-yielding currencies throughout the currencies market, still technical movements are starting to have an impact on the major pairs movements.

Accordingly, as a result of these hopes, the euro-dollar pair is rising to the upside on the four-hour scale, but slightly due to technical movements having the Union currency now trading around 1.2244 recording a high of 1.2298 and a low of 1.2114 with a resistance at 1.2360 and a support at 1.2150, however, the pair is starting to plunge on the one-hour chart and is expected to drop further according to the four-hour and one-hour stochastic oscillator.

As for the pound-dollar pair, it is now narrow trading due to technical movements surrounding the trading, having the royal pound now trading around 1.4739 recording a high of 1.4807 and a low of 1.4549 with a resistance at 1.4850 and a support seen at 1.4660, while that the pair shows a strong tendency to fall drastically according to the four-hour momentum indicators.

Now, the dollar-yen pair is consolidating as well with the low-yielding Japanese currency trading so far around 91.76 recording a high of 92.11 and a low of 91.85, watching a strong resistance level that could be detected around the level of 92.90 and a support level witnessed around 89.00.