Ever since the launch of Apple iPhone 4S, the thing that has been most talked about, and has been the major factor to iPhone 4S's sales is Siri.

Unfortunately, Siri is not being shipped with the latest iOS version, iOS 5, which was released officially on October 12. And with that comes the question whether the porting of Siri to iPhone 4 and other predecessors has begun.

Not only the fact that popular iOS developer and hacker iH8sn0w has begun working on the porting, but what's insightful is the word from many other jailbreakers and developers including iPhone Dev Team member, MuscleNerd, hinting that the port process may involve piracy and breach of law. Knowing that iPhone Dev Team has always acknowledged piracy laws, it is unlikely that the iPhone Dev Team will dive into the port race. Here's the official word from MuscleNerd we heard earlier:

Anyone hoping for a port of Siri from iPhone4S: pending a very low-level A5 exploit, it likely can't be done without piracy.


Why Porting Siri is Impossible?

MuscleNerd has further explained that the only way forward to Siri's port to pre-iPhone 4S iOS devices is the access to FileSystem keys, if it is to be a legal porting. And with these keys comes the fact that A5's processor's bootrom is locked and thus, until and unless a low level bootrom exploit is found, a 'legal' porting, without piracy breaching, remains a question mark. While on the other hand, having seen what Geohot has faced at the hands of Apple and Sony, no hacker would dare to resort to piracy and get sued by Apple as a consequence. Just to make it clear here, that jailbreaking, custom firmware and exploits are all legal by law, but piracy is strictly not legal.

There is Still Hope...

iH8sn0w on the other hand has hinted of a probable tool to port Siri from iPhone 4S to iPad, Phone 4 etc, which is probably in the works. Things will get clear as the iPhone 4S comes into the developers' and hackers' hands, which should be on the way. Well, as for now, due to the breach of piracy through A5 chip's bootrom in consideration, it is highly unlikely that a step to port Siri to iPhone 4, iPad etc will be taken forward.


The original article was published on Simon Blog: Hoping for a Port of Siri from iPhone 4S? Seems Impossible