In a shocking incident, a train carrying passengers from Howrah, India to New Delhi derailed on July 10, 2011 causing death of around 66 people.

Regarded as the worst train accident of the year, the Howrah-Kalka Mail derailment occurred near Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, due to the sudden use of the emergency brake. The 15-coach mail started with over 1,115 people on board.

The shaken passengers tried to escape by breaking the glass windows of the 3 AC tier coaches of the train. Rescue operations were conducted involving over 200 policemen and coaches were being cut using gas cutters.

The Indian Army also deployed soldiers to the site and rescue trains and National Disaster Relief Force specialized team also rushed to the spot to offer their assistance to the shocked travelers.

Take a look at the images of the Howrah-Kalka Mail derailment below: