Economist and Hedge Fund Manager Shayne Heffernan of takes a look at APPL.

Apple Inc NASDAQ:AAPL the chart indicates AAPL is ready to bounce back to the $620 range in the near term. Christmas sales will be a boost to AAPL an the long term range here is 480-1000.

Apple forecasts Q1 revenue of about $52 billion, or $11.75 a share, but analysts expected just shy of $55 billion, or $15.45 a share. When Apple announced this week at the iPad mini launch that it had only managed to sell its 100 millionth iPad — a huge feat on the grand scale — it fell short of analysts’ expectations. It’s hoped that iPad mini sales will help the overall iPad figure pick up towards and during the Christmas sales period.

Following are third-quarter sales of mobile phones in millions of handsets, according to research firm Gartner.
Q3 2012 (mkt share) Q3 2011 (mkt share)

 Samsung     98.0 (22.9)          82.6 (18.7)  
 Nokia       82.3 (19.2)         105.4 (23.9) 
 Apple       23.6 (5.5)           17.3 (3.9) 
 ZTE         16.7 (3.9)           14.1 (3.2) 
 LG          14.0 (3.3)           21.0 (4.8) 
 Huawei      11.9 (2.8)           10.7 (2.4)
 TCL          9.3 (2.2)            9.0 (2.0)
 RIM          8.9 (2.1)           12.7 (2.9)
 Motorola     8.6 (2.0)           11.2 (2.5)
 HTC          8.4 (2.0)           12.1 (2.7)
 others     146.1 (34.2)         145.5 (32.9)
 Total      427.7 (100)          441.5 (100)

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