EURUSD Fell to fresh session lows below $1.44 on Wednesday, pressured by weakness in stocks and commodities and a deadlock in U.S. debt negotiations.

Traders said investors took out bids in the $1.44200 area, with support seen at $1.43550 and offers in the $1.44200-250 range.

Contrasting statements by euro zone politicians to domestic audiences have underlined the fragility of last week's deal to rescue Greece and unsettled financial markets already on edge because of the U.S. debt impasse.

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou told lawmakers from his Pasok socialist party on Wednesday that debt-stricken Athens will effectively receive the first joint eurobonds in the form of loans at close to cost price from the euro zone's rescue fund.

"The decision of our European partners to lend us at 3.5 percent, an interest rate just above the one at which Germany itself is borrowing, is in essence tantamount to introducing a European bond, regardless of the fact that this system has not been completed yet," he said.

EURUSD Chart using HCM proprietary indicators

EURUSD Chart using HCM proprietary indicators

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