Gold traded about 0.7 % above a nine-week low Spot gold flat at $1,684.90 in Asian hours, rebounding yesterday from a nine-week low of $1,672.75,

Gold for December delivery flat at 1,685. Cash silver fell as much as 0.3 % to $31.075, before trading at $31.12. Spot platinum rose 0.2 % to $1,545.50 an ounce, after gaining 0.4 % earlier. Palladium gained 0.3 % to $613.50 an ounce, after swinging between gains and losses.


U.S. voters decide today between Barack Obama or Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Gold imports by China from Hong Kong climbed 30 % in September from a month earlier.

A Romney victory could push interest rates up

U.S. 171,000 jobs in October, Vs forecast of 125,000 and 148,000 in Sep

Gold imports by China from Hong Kong up 69.71 MT in Sep from 53.51 MT a month earlier,
Net imports, were 41,559.5 kilograms in September from 27,011 kilograms a month earlier.

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