Yesterday, HotCloud Mobile, Inc. announced that it has signed an agreement with tablet computer manufacturer NexBoom to promote mobile app technology. The results will bring co-branded HotCloud/NexBoom mobile apps to up to 100 million social media users.

HotCloud is a supplier of wireless products and services, such as unlocked smartphone and cell phone handsets, as well as phone accessories like bluetooth headphones.

HotCloud will promote and market NexBoom’s tablet computer, the Tabulous Cloud, as well as provide a suite of co-branded and cloud-based mobile apps on the device, which will include offering premium content. HotCloud will also be providing a specific product insurance policy for the device. NexBoom will distribute HotCloud’s apps on their network, which NexBoom claims is capable of reaching up to 100 million end users.

David J. Bleeden, CEO of HotCloud, said, “The Tabulous Cloud technology stores all data in the ‘cloud,’ which provides end users with 24/7 access to the data that matters the most to them. This creates an immense opportunity for us to deliver apps that are not limited by the user’s device. NexBoom’s Tabulous Cloud technology has clearly set them apart and with their current partnerships, Tabulous is slated to be one of the largest contenders in the tablet market.”

Bleeden continued, “Technologies are converging right now that have the power to completely change the way we work and play. 4G/LTE, cloud computing, mobile apps and handheld computing are coming together to redefine productivity and entertainment. HotCloud is excited to be part of this transformation.”

Zach Hurst, Director of NexBoom, said, “This partnership with HotCloud extends NexBoom a myriad of opportunities to expand our current offerings, including an attractive insurance product for our Tabulous Cloud line of tablet devices, as well as several value-added benefits for our vast network of social media influencers via HotCloud’s patented suite of mobile applications.”