Feb. 14 is almost here! And you know what that means, right? It’s time to snuggle up to your hunny as the two of you celebrate the most romantic holiday of the year. No, we’re not talking about Valentine’s Day -- we’re actually talking about the season 2 premiere of our favorite political drama “House of Cards”! Seriously, what could be more quixotic than hearing Kevin Spacey’s chilling voice for 13 hours straight? Nothing.

And luckily for us, the Beau Willimon-created series has just leaked not one but two promos to help you and your loved one prepare for the upcoming season. So, sit back and relax while you get ready for the Emmy Award winning show to premiere:

We’re sure we weren’t the only ones on the edge of our seat watching the trailers. With such a talented cast and writers that have us hanging off every word they jot down, it’s no wonder why the Netflix series was nominated for a Golden Globe.

So, is there anything else we should know about “House of Cards’” season 2 before all 13 episodes are released at midnight on Feb. 14? Well, luckily for us, we have the leaked synopsis for the upcoming season:

According to the official overview of season 2, Francis (Spacey) and Claire (Robin Wright) Underwood will continue “their ruthless rise to power as threats mount on all fronts.” In the promo, we hear Francis ask an anonymous figure if he is thought as of a hypocrite. “Well, you should,” he says in his gritty tone.

Kate Mara, who plays Zoe Barnes in the thriller, will also play a larger role in season 2 as the up-and-coming reporter clings closer to the truth about Francis, her former paramour, and his crimes. Although the beauty thinks she knows how to handle her previous lover, we think she’ll be shocked when she finds herself smack dab in the middle of a murder scene.

President Walker’s (Michael Hill, “The Good Wife”) billionaire confidante Raymond Tusk (Gerald McRaney, “Southland”) will be demandig in the upcoming season of “House of Cards” that Francis reciprocate political favors or face retribution. Tsk, tsk. We bet he’ll be eating those words later on in the story.

House of Cards Season 2 Claire and Frank Underwood of "House of Cards" have an unusual marriage. Photo: Netflix

While her husband gets threatened, Claire will face the “increasing glare” of the spotlight, having her relationship questioned every time a reporter jams a microphone in her face. But the attention will undoubtable eat away at her, turning Claire’s character into someone unrecognizable. “I don’t know whether to be proud or terrified,” we hear Francis say. Could he be talking about his wife’s colder mentality?

“The Underwood’s must overcome these dangers -- past and present -- to avoid losing everything, regardless of collateral damage they leave in their wake,” the synopsis concluded.

We have a feeling season 2 of “House of Cards” is going to blow away the perfect pyramid of TV built from season 1. So, prepare for some political drama, Netflix fans! Will you be trading in your Valentine’s dinner date for a night fill with government tragedy? Let us know your predictions for season 2 of “House of Cards” in the comments section below.