After binge watching season 2 of the Netflix original series “House of Cards,” fans of the politic thriller are anxiously counting down the days until Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his equally conniving wife Claire (Robin Wright) make their small screen debut for yet another drama-filled season. But according to reports, it looks like admirers of the BBC adaptation will have to wait longer than they initially expected.

Originally, the show’s creator Beau Willimon informed fans via Twitter that the upcoming season was already in the works. Tweeting a photo of a packed writer’s room, Willimon’s assured viewers that only 800 more pages were needed to complete the third season of the Emmy-nominated show. With writers already concocting the wittiest of lines for “HoC” characters, Willimon admitted he had every intention to start shooting season 3 in early spring. That meant another February release date was to be anticipated.

But just like the plot of “House of Cards,” the drama pushed our naive hearts right onto a subway track when they retracted their statement, alerting fans that the premiere of season 3 would be pushed back due to a tax tussle with Maryland. According to reports, “House of Cards” is holding off on the production of its series until mid-June in hopes that Maryland will offer the Golden Globe-nominated series a lucrative tax-break deal.

“HoC” has been filming in Baltimore for the past two seasons, but it wasn’t until now that Gov. Martin O’Malley started rethinking the heightened tax incentives it was giving the Netflix show. And that really peeved “HoC” off. With the financial threats of O’Malley, “House Of Cards” sent a letter to the governor explaining that they would film in another state if need be. That would mean a significant amount of lost jobs for the people of Maryland, not to mention the suffering of small businesses. Yikes.

“We appreciate your strong support for our business and for recognizing the jobs and economic impact it brings to the State of Maryland,” a letter written to the governor from Senior Vice President Charlie Goldstein said.

If “HoC” was to leave Maryland, it wouldn’t just be affecting folks of the Old Line State—fans would also feel the shockwave of grief due to “HoC” having to start from scratch in another state.

“We wanted you to be aware that while we had planned to begin filming in early spring, we have decided to push back the start date for filming until June to ensure there has been a positive outcome of the legislation. In the event sufficient incentives do not become available, we will have to break down our stage, sets and offices and set up in another state,” he wrote.

So, what does this mean for season 3? Well, it looks like “House of Cards” won’t be making its Netflix return for quite some time. In fact, fans probably shouldn't expect the political series to make its season 3 return until spring 2015 if "HoC" starts production in June. Hey, at least you have season 1 and 2 to keep you company!

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