Don’t get Frank Underwood mad; you won’t like him when he’s angry. That’s the advice we would have given advice to Russian diplomats before they refused to allow “House of Cards” to be filmed in the United Nations Security Council chamber for the show’s third season.

The Associated Press on Wednesday broke the shocking news that the producers of the hit Netflix political drama were denied the opportunity to film an authentic interior scene for two episodes of Season 3 at the U.N. in New York.

Apparently the U.N. press office had approved the scripts but left it up to the 15 council members to make the final decision. When asked whether or not they would allow “HoC” to film in the chambers when the council wasn’t in session, Russia put its foot down and said “nyet.”

According to reports, we aren’t the only ones upset with Russia’s decision. France’s U.N. Ambassador, Gerard Araud, dished to reporters that he, too, was disappointed with the verdict.

"It's disappointing for you, I guess, because you wanted to see the actors," Araud continued. “It’s reassuring because I think the actors would have seemed so much more elegant than we are, you know.”

Despite the unfortunate outcome, there was something positive that came out of Russia’s refusal. Now fans know that Beau Willimon, mastermind behind the political thriller, has some international drama up his sleeve for Season 3. And we can imagine it’s much bigger than Frank's feud with China over a bridge.

What do you think Willimon had in mind when he was plotting a U.N.-based scene? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories.