House Republican Whip Eric Cantor released a statement Tuesday concerning the budget proposed by Congressional Democrats and the alternative offered by Congressional Republicans.

The Democrats developed their budget to attempt to cut back on some of the spending proposed by President Barack Obama's budget, such as removing $250 billion for a new round of bank bailouts.

This new version of the budget also cuts back on spending for nonmilitary programs from the 10% proposed in Obama's budget to 7%, saving roughly $160 billion.

It also removes Obama's middle-class tax cut of $400 for individuals earning $75,000 and $800 for couples with incomes up to $150,000 after 2010.

Further, while Obama's plan set aside $634 billion for health care charges over the next ten years, the budget proposed by Democrats does not provide a set amount for reforming health care.

The Republicans proposed their own budget, in which they proposed to undo the recent reckless and wasteful Democrat spending binge included in the so-called 'stimulus' and omnibus bills. In addition, Republicans would cut overall nondefense spending by reforming or eliminating a host of wasteful programs deemed ineffective by various government entities.

The Republican budget, however, has drawn its own share of criticism for not providing enough of the hard numbers that people were looking for.

Our budget proposal will address in a focused way the real problems facing America's families, Cantor said in his statement Tuesday.

For those Americans who are worried about their jobs and who are worried about losing their healthcare, our budget will address those issues and is the budget for them.

We see a stark contrast between the vision that our budget will embrace and that of the Democrats, Cantor added.

The Obama Administration's budget is so far out of the mainstream, we are now witnessing the strong-arm tactics that they are using to try and force their members into supporting a budget that just doesn't reflect where the American people are.

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