“Marvel’s Agent Carter” isn’t dead and buried just yet — at least, not if fans can help it. A group of dedicated viewers have come together to sign a petition asking Netflix to revive the period drama.

The call to action, hosted on Change.org, has garnered over 36,000 supporters as of this writing, and it’s gotten some help from those involved with Marvel and the ABC show. Chad Michael Murray, who played Agent Jack Thompson, and showrunner Tara Butters have retweeted messages promoting the petition. Even those in the larger Marvel community, like “Ms. Marvel” comics writer G. Willow Wilson, have helped publicize the effort to bring back “Agent Carter” for a third season.

The drama followed Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) after Captain America (Chris Evans) was presumed dead in 1946. Peggy continued to work at the SSR and proved that she didn’t need a super soldier to help her save the world. The show wasn’t a ratings hit in the first season, and Season 2 brought even worse numbers, averaging only 2.6 million tuning in each week, according to TV Series Finale.

However, the small following it had is both loyal and vocal. “‘Agent Carter’ was a show who united a lot of people, just for Peggy,” the petition explains. “Her fandom is really united, we all love Peggy. Her series has been canceled, but we can bring her to NETFLIX!”

Netflix is host to several Marvel shows. “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones” are the only ones that have been released so far, but “Luke Cage,” “Iron Fist” and “The Defenders” are expected to debut on the streaming service in the future. Though “Agent Carter” is drastically different in tone, Netflix knows that they have plenty of Marvel fans.

Still, a revival might be difficult to schedule. The series star is already committed to a new show. Atwell is set to lead the ABC legal drama “Conviction” next year.

Check out the petition to save “Marvel’s Agent Carter” HERE.