Credit:Sarah Bresnahan

Staring at the screen for hours together may help you concentrate on your work and earn brownie points at work. However, it can seriously affect your health in many ways. For one, most executives have complained about a stiff neck after hours of crouching and staring at the LCD. Second there is much-talked about metacarpal syndrome, affecting the bones and joints in your hand. And third, the stiff back, the white collar nemesis, which can quickly lead to severe back pain, leading to even a slipped disc, if ignored.

These simple exercises will help you overcome the three problems mentioned above:

1.      Take a short, not more than 2 minute break every hour.

2.    Just stretch your legs and bend your neck backwards, till you feel a slight tightness on your throat. Do this about five times.

3.    Intertwine your fingers and place them below your chin, palm facing inwards. Push your chin with the intertwined fingers upwards. At the same time, push your chin downwards. This will create a pressure point along your neck line, both at the back as well as at the front. Release the hands from the chin. Repeat this for five repetitions.

4.    Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, hold it for about 3 seconds and exhale. Observe your breath closely. Focus on inhalation and exhalation, ensuring that no breath comes in or goes out without you knowing it. Just do this for about 5 times.

5.     Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Expand your chest as much as you can. Hold the breath for 3 seconds and release through the nose. You will observe a slackening of the shoulders and general relaxation of the upper body.

And now, get back to work!