Credit: GDS Infographics

Diabetes is not just about high blood sugar, it can impact your body in many different ways. It can complicate the natural functioning of your organs, making them weak and vulnerable to outside infection.

1.       Diabetes puts you at a high heart disease risk. It is a common diabetic complication, and is generally caused by the high blood pressure as a result of sugar imbalance. You need to get regular checks to keep risks at bay. Get stress management, and regular exercise to keep risk at bay.

2.       It can lead to weakness, numbness in the face and dizziness, which are signs of stroke. You need to check with a neurologist.

3.       Kidney problem is a major health issue when you have diabetes. It is called diabetic nephropathy. You need to get regular urine checks and baseline creatinine blood test done. Keep blood pressure at bay and watch out for persistent leg or feet swelling.

4.       Glaucoma and/or eye infection also called diabetic retinopathy can actually take your vision away. People with type 2 diabetes are most at risk. You need to check with an ophthalmologist if you get persistent eye ache or blurring vision.

5.       Severe diabetes can also lead to nerve damage which causes numbness, burning and pain in your limbs and even skin. It can cause redness and calluses in your hands and feet. This needs immediate medical attention.