How To Diversify Your Skills During The Recession And Attract Success!

Years ago ‘a job for life’ was applied to stable and secure employment that would always remain. With the recession and economic crisis such a term is now redundant as many employees are uncertain from one day to the next as to whether they will remain in work. Given the affects of the recession, it is therefore unsurprising to see money making companies offering people ways in which to increase their income, such as selling their unwanted gold or old mobile phones. When cash is tight and uncertainty looms over us like a dark cloud what is the alternative should we find ourselves out of a job?

Diversification of skills and creating multiple income streams

People who diversify their skills can beat the recession by using their existing skills in one job and applying it elsewhere. For example, a friend of mine is employed as a hairdresser, however she has an existing client base carried over from her previous employment and because her clients were used to her doing their hair in a particular way and she offered good customer service, she was easily able to retain these customers after she had left. As a result my friend was able to maintain two jobs (one employed and one self employed) thus bringing in an additional income and with her mobile self employment work she could fit clients into her diary as and when it was mutually convenient.

Similarly, a Marketing expert has great transferable skills which can be applied to freelance work and can even assist start up businesses with anything from helping to do a press release to advising on the best way a business can market their business to a particular target audience.

Each one of us who has skills and/or experience has the potential to diversify those skills and use them for new employment that is conducive to their lifestyles. For example, a stay at home mum who often goes to various children’s activities with the kids and is sociable may not consider herself a ‘saleswoman’ however she may realise that through socialising with other parents she becomes more confident and so is ready to embark on a new challenge.

In life, you need to diversify and be open to new opportunities and by doing so positive changes will occur.

When looking at your employment status ask yourself:

1: What could I do that would allow me to utilise past and present skills for a new job?

2: What do I value in a job? Money (how much?), benefits? (What sort?), Autonomy? Flexible hours? Start defining what you want.

3: What type of job would allow me the flexibility and the values I seek? (Think outside the box and consider other jobs that you have not done before but can see yourself doing)

4: What do you do for your family and friends that could be considered as a possible job role?

5: Is there any hobby you partake in that could be turned into an income such as blog writing?

I hope you have found this article useful in helping you to target exactly which job suits you!


About the Author:

Samantha Elutilo is Certified Career Life Coach who offers coaching face-to-face, over the phone and online via messenger/Skype. If this article has struck a chord with you and you feel as though you are in a career rut then please contact me for a FREE no-obligation telephone consultation. Please view my website for details.

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