Giannis Antetokounmpo, a Greek-born, young star for the Milwaukee Bucks, doesn't have the easiest name to say. The 20-year-old will take the big stage tonight in the 2015 NBA Slam Dunk Contest at All-Star Weekend.

Luckily for fans everywhere, here is a video that the Bucks made to help pronounce the most difficult name of the night:

It's hard to exactly spell out exactly how it sounds, but phonetically, it goes something like "YAHN-is anh-teh-toe-KUHN-po." The Bucks players seem to take the easy way out, simple calling him "rook" or "rookie" (the video was made last year; Antetokounmpo is now in his second season).

Antetokounmpo, or as he is often called, "The Greek Freak," is extremely athletic and has the ability to deliver an amazing show during tonight's dunk contest at Barclays Center. He lives up to the "freak" moniker when he takes off to dunk. His tall frame and impressive leaping ability allow for some daring moves in the air.

Below is a little taste of what Antetokounmpo can do when dunking:

The six-foot-11 inch, guard/forward is averaging 12 points and 6.6 rebounds this season, a stark improvement over last season. His shooting from distance is still a struggle (16.7 percent behind the arc this season) but that won't matter tonight when he's lining up dunks against Zach LaVine, Victor Oladipo and Mason Plumlee. The four young stars will face off trying to best one another with high-flying acrobatics. 


Antetokounmpo has already impressed in New York City this weekend, starring in the Rising Stars Challenge on Friday at Madison Square Garden. He did a little bit of everything, scoring 12 points, grabbing 10 rebounds, dishing five assists and racking up four steals. Many pundits still consider Antetokounmpo a raw talent, but that raw talent will likely be quite entertaining when he competes in the dunk contest tonight.