“Pretty Little Liars” fans were devastated when ABC Family canceled the spin-off series “Ravenswood” in mid-February. However viewers were able to learn how the series ended thanks to an episode of “Pretty Little Liars.” During episode 11 on Aug. 19, “No One Here Can Understand Me,” Caleb finally revealed to Hanna what happened to him while he was in the supernatural town.

When Hanna discovered that Caleb was drinking in order to go to sleep, she decided to hold an intervention with Spencer and Toby. However Caleb refused to talk to Toby about what was haunting him. He fled the restaurant they met at and returned to the cabin to pack his things and go on the run. Hanna was one step ahead of Caleb though. She confronted him alone at the cabin and refused to let him leave until he told her what happened in Ravenswood.

Caleb finally admitted the truth about the Ravenswood contract that sacrificed five teens. He explained to Hanna that him, Remy, Olivia and Luke took the jars of all the dead teens to the bridge where Miranda died and opened them. When they were cracked open whatever was inside was released. Initially nothing happened, but Caleb continued that the woods by the water began to fill with millions of fireflies.

“They drifted up into the trees and then they were gone,” he admitted to Hanna. “Mrs. Grundwald called it great ascendancy.” Once the jars were open there was no more demons, messages, revenge … or Miranda. “She was gone,” Caleb explained.

So, why did Caleb return to Rosewood haunted by Ravenswood? It’s because he’s seen a whole other world that’s “just past the corner of our eye.”

Hanna tried to comfort him by saying that he kept his promise to Miranda and that he took care of her. However he explained that he’s still afraid that Miranda’s going to show up and tell him that he’s wrong. Because she first visited him in a dream after she died, Caleb’s fear is that she’ll appear again and say that she’s not okay and that it’s all his fault.

Fortunately Caleb felt better after opening up to Hanna. “I didn’t come this far not to have a happy ending,” she told him. Hanna planted a kiss on him and watched him as he finally fell asleep. Fireflies appeared outside the cabin, and a Quija board on the table moved to say “good bye.”

“Ravenswood” fans will remember that the spin-off series finale concluded in February with Hanna visiting town to confront ghost Miranda. Unfortunately for Hanna, she couldn’t see or hear Miranda. But the teen ghost did give Haleb her blessing. Meanwhile viewers discovered that Dillon was the one responsible for killing Olivia and Luke’s father. Their father had been trying to break the curse, but ultimately ended up six-feet-under. Caleb learned that Mr. Collins had tried to prevent a similar fate for Miranda when she arrived in town – but we all know how that went down.

The series came to a close with the introduction of Avadon, the evil being that wanted to kill the five teens and keep the “Ravenswood” curse alive. He attempted to bring Miranda back to life, but was stopped by Mr. Collins. Miranda’s uncle succeeded in driving the evil entity out by smashing a clear tube labeled “Caleb.” “Ravenswood” concluded with Max killing Dillon, and ghost Miranda getting her happily-ever-after with ghost Caleb of the past.

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