“How To Get Away With Murder” will finally reveal what viewers have wanted to know since the first episode: who killed Sam? Although the show has only had 8 episodes, we already have plenty of theories as to who may have killed Annalise’s (Viola Davis) husband.

Rebecca: Currently, Rebecca (Katie Findlay) is the most obvious suspect for Sam’s murderer. In episode 7 she said, “He wanted to kill me. I had no other choice. I had to kill him or he was going to kill me. I saw the trophy sitting there. I hit him in the head.” Yet the show clearly stated that we wouldn’t know who murdered Sam until episode 9. Rebecca wanted to kill Sam … but she may not have been the one to actually do it. As the most obvious suspect, that might also make her the least likely to actually be Sam’s killer. “How To Get Away With Murder” seems to be a show that loves a good plot twist.

Wes: Wes (Alfred Enoch) might be so in love with Rebecca that he would be willing to kill. As improbable as it is for someone nicknamed “puppy” to be a killer, he has proven that he disregards everyone else when it comes to Rebecca. In episode 8 he blatantly ignored Annalise’s request to not tell Rebecca about Lila’s (Megan West) pregnancy. He put his career on the line when he impersonated Rebecca’s attorney before Annalise was on her case. If she were threatened, he would likely do something drastic.

Nate: Rebecca is in the Keating’s house on the night of the murder because she is working with Nate (Billy Brown). She has to get a USB into his computer, and hopefully it will find the backup files from his phone. Nate will be able to see Sam’s relationship with Lila on the phone, even if he deleted their texts and emails. Nate has a lot to hold against Sam. He believes Sam killed Lila and he believes Sam is to blame for losing his job. If he loves Annalise, that’s another strike against Sam. If something with his private investigation goes wrong, Nate could take matters into his own hands, especially if he feels like his life can’t get any worse.

Bonnie: Though Bonnie (Liza Weil) has a crush on Sam, her allegiance to Annalise is unwavering. Creator Peter Norwalk wouldn’t say if Bonnie was in love with Annalise in that way, but there are feelings between them, even if they aren’t romantic.

“I will say there is definite love between Annalise and Bonnie … There is a history to the relationship that we don't know about and there's a form of love, definitely,” Norwalk told TV Guide.

If Bonnie knows that Sam is toxic for Annalise, could she kill him? We still don’t know where she was when the murder happened. She went over to Asher’s to hook up shortly after the killing. Perhaps she knew that she would need an alibi, and Asher wouldn’t ask questions about a late night booty call.

Michaela: Of the four students involved with Sam’s killing, Michaela (Aja Naomi King) had the worst reaction. She wasn’t just scared, she was on the floor crying and having a panic attack. She had the worst reaction, but she doesn’t necessarily have a motive. However, his death could have been an accident.

Annalise: Michalea has circumstances that could make her the killer, but she doesn’t have motive. The opposite is the case for Annalise. Sure, it doesn’t look like Annalise murdered Sam, but who knows how to get away with murder better than the professor who teaches “How To Get Away With Murder”? Annalise has plenty of motive to kill Sam. He cheated on her, got Lila pregnant and may have killed his student. The phone call Annalise made to Bonnie at the end of episode 7 made it seem like she didn’t know what happened, but that would help her form an alibi.

“How To Get Away With Murder” will reveal Sam’s killer in Season 1, episode 9 on Thursday, Nov. 21 at 10 p.m. EST on ABC. Who do you think killed Sam? Do you have compelling arguments for characters we skipped, like Asher and Conner? Leave your theories in the comments section below!