Way back before point guard Jeremy Lin was picked up by the Knicks, before New Yorkers pinned their hopes on the rising star, and before the word Linsanity had ever left a single basketball fan's lips, Lin was an unappreciated player, sitting deep on the Golden State Warrior's bench. Then the NBA lockout went into effect and he became another basketball player with nothing to do.

Luckily, Lin was able to fall back on his Harvard education by recording a YouTube video in which he offers his fans advice on how to get into his alma mater (or the school of their choice). The video is pretty entertaining, and shows a side of Lin that his new-found fan-base might not expect: an air of goofiness to counter the intensity he's been bringing to the court all week.

The video, which also features YouTube comedian Ryan Higa, begins with Lin looking into the camera, and explaining his situation.

A lot of you guys asked me how I got into Harvard, he says. Since I have no life and no job I've decided to make this video with five basic steps on how you can get into Harvard.

Step 1: Look the part. Get glasses, if you already have glasses get bigger glasses.

Step 2: Play an instrument. Everyone plays the piano or the violin, but who plays the triangle?

Step 3: In order to ace you SATs spend at least 15 minutes every day playing fruit ninja to work on hand coordination to improve test taking skills.

Step 4: Practice (basketball) while you study and study while you practice.

Step 5: Stay up to date on current events.

Watch through the end of the video (posted below) to see Lin's bloopers, and enjoy.