“How I Met Your Dad” is starting off with a bang -- or should we say “Smash”? According to reports, “Smash” alum Krysta Rodriguez was just confirmed as an official cast member on the CBS "HIMYM" spinoff. But who will the 29-year-old brunette beauty be portraying?

According to reports, the California native will taking on the character of Juliet, the best friend of “HIMYD” star Greta Gerwig (Sally). Juliet was described as a “sexy and flamboyant party girl force of nature, who runs the most successful fashion blog in the country.” So we think it’s pretty safe to say that Juliet is the female equivalent of Barney Stinson. You know, minus the suits.

Not only is Juliet loyal when it comes to brands but she’ll also be the character to stick by her best friend’s side throughout her divorce. Rodriguez’s character is said to be excited that Sally is leaving her “terminally boring” husband, Gavin.

Originally, fans speculated that the role of Juliet was going to be given to Eliza Dushku after the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” actress sent out a suspicious tweet.

“Ok. Now to put down iPhone aka #Kiev #Venezuela tracking device & pick up ‘How I Met Your Dad’ pilot script to read #spinoff #channelchange,” Eliza Dushku wrote.

Fans immediately started freaking out to the news, which is when Dushku decided to send out another post.

“#Reading the pilot, folks. No announcement, just a first date- perhaps this weekend. #HowIMetYourDad. It IS kinda #badass #justsaying,” she assured fans

So, does that mean Dushku wasn’t given the role of Juliet or could it mean she was reading for the line of the narrator for “HIMYD”? Bob Saget currently reads as the older version of Ted but that doesn’t necessarily mean the spinoff will have to feature an older version of Sally.

Do you think Dushku will be cast as the show’s narrator? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to leave your opinion about Rodriguez being cast for “How I Met Your Dad.”