"How I Met Your Mother" has a couple weeks before the season eight premiere on Sept. 24, but we got our hands on some juicy details regarding a couple of the first episodes.

In the midst of spoilers about love interests, breakups, weddings and babies, SpoilerTV has published the titles for episodes one and three of season eight.

Episode one of season eight is currently titled, "Farhampton." While we don't have an episode description, we can make some guesses about the hilarity that will ensue in "Farhampton."

Since we know that the premiere episode will pick up with Victoria (in a wedding dress) driving away with Ted, our guess is that the two end up driving to the Hamptons. Previous spoilers also revealed that Ted will become upset with Victoria after learning that she failed to leave her fiancé a letter when she left him at the altar. It's possible that Ted will learn of this fact either on the drive out to the Hamptons or when they get to the location. Our theory is that Ted will call in reinforcements...but since the Hamptons are so far and Marshall and Lily have a baby, no one ends up making it out.

Spoiler TV has yet to leak the title for episode two, but episode three of season eight is titled, "Nannies." Fans could see this episode coming. With Lily's extreme shopping addiction, she must go back to work after having the baby, which is where the "Nannies" come in.

According to E! Online, Marshall and Lily will be "on the hunt for the perfect nanny to take care of their little one." The new parents have many contenders for the job. Those up for the job of nanny include an expensive qualified elderly woman, a young girl from Marshall's hometown (who E! reports that Barney takes an interest in), a recently sober woman and a "trashy web-cam connoisseur."

We can only imagine who ends up being Marshall and Lily's nanny.

"How I Met Your Mother" returns to CBS for its eighth season on Sept. 24.

What are your theories on the title names for episodes one and three of "How I Met Your Mother" season eight?