“How I Met Your Mother” fans rejoice! Cristin Milioti has been absent from the past few episodes, but Ted’s future wife and the mysterious “Mother” will return in episode 13, “Bass Player Wanted.”

According to a leaked synopsis for the midseason finale, the gang will encounter a guest at the wedding “who intentionally stirs up trouble among them.” Who is that guest in question? None other than former star of “The New Normal,” Andrew Rannells. Rannells will be playing Darren, and the promo videos for “Bass Player Wanted” tease that he could potentially be the devil.

But that’s not all the drama that will unfold in episode 13. Marshall will finally arrive at the Farhampton Inn after being forced to hitchhike and will be facing Lily’s wrath (fortunately Linus will still be around to feed her drinks). And Marshall’s not the only one in trouble. Barney will find out that Ted’s leaving for Chicago and it does not bode well.

As fans of “How I Met Your Mother” know, Cristin Milioti’s character is a bass player in the band playing at Robin and Barney’s wedding. The episode is titled “Bass Player Wanted,” which hints at her addition to the drama. But co-creator Craig Thomas won’t say how she interacts with the gang.

“Folks are asking if The Mother is in the next new #HIMYM,” Thomas tweeted on Dec. 2. “I could say, ‘No spoilers.’ Or I could just say, ‘Yes. A LOT.’”

Thomas followed up with a couple of other tweets like “The Mother’s all over that thing” and “Don’t miss this one!”

Fortunately fans don't have to wait until the episode to see who she'll be interacting with. Thanks to a special sneak peek video, we know that the lucky member of the gang is Marshall. As we previously mentioned, Marshall will be hitchhiking to the Farhampton Inn and end up catching a ride with Cristin Milioti's character. She'll quickly figure out that he's Lily's husband (who she met on the train earlier this season) and have a little fun with him by pretending to be psychic.

Fans will have to wait and see whether her ride with Marshall turns out to be a good one or not, but Thomas was nice enough to tweet one photo from the midseason finale:

“What classic #HIMYM song is Jason Segel in the studio to reprise?” Craig Thomas posted along with the photo. “Tune in Monday night to find out …”

Episode 13, “Bass Player Wanted,” will air on CBS on Monday, Dec. 16, at 8 p.m. Watch another sneak peek video below:

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