“How I Met Your Mother” fans are so close to getting the full story on how Josh Radnor/Bob Saget as Ted Mosby met Cristin Milioti’s mysterious mother character. The ninth and final season of the hit CBS comedy is premiering Sept. 23, and a couple more leaked episode titles give a little more insight into “the end.”

The latest scoop on the series comes via Spoiler TV, which got its new info from the safely guarded Foxfast.com. According to the site, the titles for episodes eight, nine and 11 have hit the Web. (You’ll have to keep waiting for episode 10.) So, what are the names?

Episode 8 -- “The Lighthouse”

Episode 9 -- “Mom and Dad”

Episode 10 -- ???

Episode 11 -- “Rehearsal Dinner”

We’re up in the air about what “The Lighthouse” episode could be about, but episode nine, “Mom And Dad,” sounds like fans could finally be digging into how Ted met his wife. As TVLine reported in May, Milioti will be a pretty major character in the final season, joining the show as a series regular instead of in a guest or recurring role. “How I Met Your Mother” co-creator Carter Bays dished that viewers will become “much better” acquainted with Milioti’s character -- who will be playing the bass in Robin’s and Barney’s wedding band -- as the ninth season tells the story of “the longest wedding weekend ever.”

Another theory on episode nine comes from CarterMatt.com, which speculates that “Mom and Dad” could be referring to the parents of Barney or Robin. “How I Met Your Mother” viewers have met Barney’s parents (played by Frances Conroy and John Lithgow -- not Bob Barker), but only Robin’s father has been introduced. Could the show finally reveal Robin’s mother during this episode?

Check out the current episode titles for season nine below, and let us know your thoughts on the shenanigans that could occur during the final season of “How I Met Your Mother.”

Episode 1 -- “The Locket”

Episode 2 -- “Coming Back”

Episode 3 -- “The Broken Code”

Episode 4 -- “Last Time In New York”

Episode 5 -- “The Poker Game”

Episode 6 -- “No Questions Asked”

Episode 7 -- ???

Episode 8 -- “The Lighthouse”

Episode 9 -- “Mom and Dad”

Episode 10 -- ???

Episode 11 -- “Rehearsal Dinner”

Season nine of “How I Met Your Mother” begins Sept. 23 with a special hourlong episode.