WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. Do NOT read if you have not watched the latest episode of “How I Met Your Mother.”

“How I Met Your Mother” brought laughs with the third episode of its ninth and final season. “Last Time In New York”  centered around Barney and Robin trying to find some alone time before their wedding, and Ted talking to Lily about a few things he wants to do before he leaves New York for Chicago … and of course hilarity ensued. With 52 hours until Barney and Robin’s wedding, check out the top five funniest moments from episode 3:

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The Walking Dead

The big joke of the evening was the comparison of Barney and Robin’s older relatives to zombies. Of course their relatives weren’t actual flesh eaters but they did walk like them, moan, and could “chew your ear off.”

Afraid to run into “the walking dead” and desperate for a little alone time, Barney and Robin find James hiding in the same closet as them. And like a good brother, James goes on a suicide mission and sacrifices himself to Aunt Muriel and the others. James’ hand sticking out of the pile of old people as he’s asked “gay questions” is the last of him that “How I Met Your Mother” fans see.

The Rehearsal Dinner Dress

Lily had a gorgeous dress she wanted to wear to the rehearsal dinner that was classy, yet sassy. Unfortunately, the “drunks at the dry cleaners” destroyed her dress … or did they? A flashback via Ted shows that he and Marshall got into one of their sword fights on April 26 -- the day that Marshall was supposed to bring the dress to the cleaners.

The last time that Ted and Marshall had a sword fight Lily almost got killed. This time around Lily wasn’t there … and instead her dress accidentally got slashed.

The Bottle Of Scotch

Lily’s dress isn’t the only thing that got damaged thanks to a sword fight on April 26. Another flashback shows that Robin and Lily had a sword fight that same day after Ted and Marshall left the apartment. Things got rowdy and their fight took a victim -- a $600 bottle of scotch.

Turns out that Ted and Marshall wanted to drink the scotch with Barney before his wedding. But little do they know that Lily and Robin just peeled the label off the scotch and put it on a gin bottle. If that wasn’t bad enough, to get the color of the liquid right they made a combination of scotch, gin, ketchup, chocolate syrup and hand sanitizer. And Ted unknowingly drank it … and claimed it was delicious.

Ted’s Graffiti

Ted had a list of things he wanted to do before he left New York and was able to get most of them checked off. The funniest thing on his list? Fixing his local graffiti … but it’s not what you think.

Instead of clearing the graffiti off the building, Ted instead changed the graffiti from “YOUR A PENIS” to “YOU’RE A PENIS.”

Ted’s Face

Ted has been driving Lily (and some fans) a little crazy with his attitude over Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend. Even though Barney is one of his best friends, he’s having a hard time being happy for him because he’s still in love with Robin. Fortunately, “Last Time In New York” gave him the kick in the pants he needed and the look on his face was hilarious.

With Lily convincing him to go talk to Barney, Ted goes to meet him with a real bottle of the $600 scotch (that Lily stole from the local high-end liquor store). But before Ted can make “the first toast to Barney’s new life,” Barney blurts out, “I saw you and Robin by the carousel.”

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