If the headline of this article sounds familiar it’s because “How I Met Your Mother” already cast an actress to catch Ted's eye – but she was forced to bow out due to scheduling problems.

As we previously reported in July, the CBS sitcom cast “Office” star Ellie Kemper to guest star in the ninth and final season of the show. Kemper was set to play Cassie, a guest at Barney and Robin’s wedding who is “one of the most attractive, available, and – as Ted discovers – unfortunate guests.”

And while we’re unsure to how bad Cassie's “unfortunate” circumstances are, the role is already proving to be “unfortunate” for the actress. TVLine is reporting that Kemper was forced to drop the role to due to a scheduling conflict. But that doesn’t mean the role will disappear like one of Barney’s magic tricks. Instead Ellie Kemper is set to be replaced by “True Blood” babe Anna Camp.

Since Ted is supposed to be meeting Cristin Milioti as “The Mother” during the wedding, the role of Cassie has fans speculating that she’ll be getting in between the two. But if she does provide an obstacle for Ted and Milioti, it appears it will be brief because she’s set to appear in only one episode.

And don’t fret about the “True Blood” star being replaced – because Anna Camp is already on the “How I Met Your Mother” set.

The actress tweeted along with a photo: “Working it out on the set #HIMYM #finalseason!”

“How I Met Your Mother” season 9 premieres on CBS Sept. 23 with a special back-to-back two-part episode. The synopsis for the two episodes, “The Locket” and “Coming Back,” has been released and fans should prepare themselves for a hilarious and long wedding weekend.