Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The season seven finale of How I Met Your Mother aired Monday night, and fans finally found out who Ted married ... psych. But viewers did finally find out who Barney's bride is, as well as what crazy name Marshall and Lily named their baby.

In an hourlong season finale, How I Met Your Mother finally revealed that Barney and Robin do indeed end up together. As for the gang's latest addition, Marshall and Lily named their baby Marvin Waitforit Eriksen.

The season finale was full of action, with Marshall and Barney highly intoxicated in Atlantic City and struggling to make their way back to New York in time for Lily to give birth. After a couple failed attempts to get home, the pair finally hopped on a senior citizen bus heading to Buffalo, a route that is definitely not going to get them to New York City. Fortunately the senior citizen passengers were rooting for Marshall and Barney, and after they rose one by one to declare I'm having a heart attack, the bus changed its route.

While Barney and Marshall are rushing back, Lily is freaking out with Robin and Ted. While viewers haven't seen Robin and Ted together in a couple of episodes, the former lovers put aside their differences for Lily. In between recounting some hilarious stories from the gang's past in order to distract Lily from the pain, Ted sends out a Kick-Ass Labor Announcement E-mail, and soon enough the three are heading to the hospital.

At the hospital Robin decides to take a peek at what's going on down there with Lily, and passes out (there is always one). As Ted takes Robin outside, Lily is left alone -- but wait, someone's at the door. Thinking that Marshall and Barney finally made it back, it was a shock to see Lily's (hysterical and loony) father at the door. Unfortunately her dad and medical situations don't mix well, and Mr. Aldrin is soon escorted out of the room.

Marshall finally arrives, and with him he brings Lily some news. Marshall promised Barney that their son's middle name would be Waitforit. Since Lily is the coolest mom ever, she agrees, and in the middle of pushing out Marvin Waitforit Eriksen, she screams Arghhh, that is the coolest middle name of all time!

After the gang meets the latest addition, Robin and Ted continue to rebuild their friendship in the waiting room, and Robin really lets Ted have it. Robin says everything viewers have probably been thinking for the past seven seasons: Ted is always chasing the wrong girl!

You say you want a family, you say you want to meet 'The One,' but you're always chasing the wrong woman, she brutally tells him. Robin tells Ted that he should reconnect with Victoria, but Ted isn't the only one realizing what he needs to do.

Barney realizes that he ran off to Atlantic City for two days without calling Quinn, and is worried that she left him. Quinn does one better though, and instead of running off, she redecorates Barney's man cave with Hello Kitty decorations.

While Barney is relieved that Quinn hasn't left him, Ted, with the help of Marvin, is starting to realize that this isn't where he wants to be in life. Thinking about what Robin said about Victoria, Ted gives her a call and the pair meet up at MacLaren's.

In an interesting twist though, this isn't your average reunion between exes. Victoria shows up in a wedding gown, and even though she is supposed to get married in a couple hours she tells Ted, Let's drive off into the sunset together.

You'd think Ted would have turned down Victoria after the whole Stella wedding fiasco, but Ted, love-struck as always, runs off with her. Ted does change his mind for a second, but after thinking about his previous time with Victoria he continues driving off into the sunset together.

Barney and Quinn have a similar idea of riding off into the sunset, and head to the airport to take a trip to Hawaii. Barney gets taken to a holding room, though, when security finds him carrying a disturbing-looking box. Barney refuses to answer the airport security's questions about the box, but a threat from Quinn finally makes him reveal what's inside the box. The box turned into a small case that revealed a red flower and an engagement ring that would make any gal happy. Barney proposes to Quinn, and she happily accepts. The newly engaged pair run off to Lily and Marshall's to tell the good news, and it's there that fans see Robin's heartache.

There was still one scene from previews of the finale that had yet to be shown. A flash forward scene previously showed Barney at his wedding with his best man Ted. As the two get ready, Lily walks in, telling Ted that the bride is asking for him. Tonight the scene didn't stop there, as Ted walks into another room to see Barney's bride -- Robin.

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