Quitting your job is never an easy decision, but there are times when it is the best one. How can you know when quitting your job is the best choice? Sometimes when things are stressful at work, staying the course is the best option, but there are a few clear signs that quitting and looking for something new is really the right thing to do.

The Rumor Mill

Are rumors of impending layoffs, a bankruptcy, or even corporate scandal surfacing at your place of employment? If so, it may be time to start looking for new work. While you may not want to quit before you have something else to fall back on, this may indicate that it is time to brush up the resume. Once you have a promising position, put in your notice. This way you will not be pulled down in the spiral your company is creating.

Value Struggle

Do you and your company have different values? Do they insist that you work on holidays, when you feel those should be time spent with your family? Does your company believe in keeping everything equal, but you feel that there should be a hierarchy within the company, with tenured employees receiving added benefits? Maybe they insist on micromanaging your job, and you want the freedom to make your own decisions. If you are having a crisis of values with your company, you will be happier with a new job.

Work Is a Drag

Work is, of course, work, but you should get a measure of enjoyment out of what you do. if you regularly wake up dreading your job for any reason, it is time to quit. You can find fulfilling work if you look hard enough. There will be times that you will not want to head to the office, but if you continually wish there was something else you could do other than your job, it is not bringing you the fulfillment you need, and you should start looking elsewhere.

Your Boss Hates You

If you cannot get along with your boss, you need a new job, or a new position within the company. Sometimes personal conflicts will arise that cannot be worked out. It may not necessarily be that your boss is mean or unreasonable. It could be nothing more than a personality conflict. You may have done something wrong that your boss cannot overlook, even after it is resolved. Of course, you could simply be working for a jerk. Regardless of the reason, if you cannot forge a working relationship with your boss, you need to move on.

Life Changes

A job that was a perfect fit when you were young and single may not be when you are married with little children at home. If your life has changed and your job no longer fits, first find out if there are any other positions within the company that may fit your needs better. If not, it is time to start looking for something that will work better. You may also need to consider the benefits and pay of the position. If you need better insurance or more money, it may be time to quit.

Poor Reputation

If you have done something in your job to earn a poor reputation, even if it is entirely your fault, you will probably have better luck finding a new job than trying to repair your reputation at your current one. The reputation of being a slacker, always tardy, or disrespectful is one that is almost impossible to shake.

Finding a job is a scary thought if you are currently employed, but if these situations are present, you likely get little fulfillment out of your work, and you may be in line for being fired. By being proactive before that happens, you will be in a better place when you start looking for a new job.

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