It wasn't enough to see amusing iPhone auto correct photos from time to time that screenshots of Siri conversations have started to hit the internet. We all know about Siri's wit and humor and the wide range of mind blowing responses it has in its database. Whether you'll be amazed or not to know that most of the screenshots posted on the internet are fake, making Siri funnier than it actually is, what you yourself can do too, is make such conversations too, whether you possess an iPhone 4S or not.

Have a look at the image below.


How do you find the image posted above? You can make one too, with your own text! Ready to troll your friends with unrealistic Siri conversations to blow their minds? Make your way to iFakeSiri and type your conversation in the box that the website provides.


Note that the conversation has a fixed format that needs to be followed otherwise the desired conversation in Siri fashion is not achieved. The format restricts you to use Me: and Siri: before typing the conversation dialogues so that iFakeSiri can recognize which dialogues belong to you and which to Siri. Also, do not give an extra line break between two dialogues, that is, just one time space bar and not twice. More than one line break results in an empty dialogue bubble. You can also choose which carrier you want to be on, from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, just to make it more realistic. Here's what we typed in the iFakeSiri dialogue box to get the above Siri conversation:

Me: Siri, what's your best source for iPhone and iPad tricks and news?

Siri: Should I tell the truth?!

Once done, hit the 'CREATE YOUR SIRI CONVERSATION' button and you are presented with options to not only download the image, but to share your newly made Siri conversation through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, email, StumbleUpon and other popular platforms. And if you own a blog or website, you can embed the photo with the code provided, not having to be concerned about the image's hosting or bandwidth as the image shall remain on iFakeSiri's server.

There you go. Make your own fake Siri conversations!

The original post was published on Simon Blog.