width=160A new study confirms the heart risks of salt, and claims a reduction of just 5 grams of salt a day could save 3 million lives.

Writing in the British Medical Journal, researchers found consuming an extra 5 grams of salt each day means a 23% higher rate of stroke, and 17% more risk for cardiovascular disease.

For perspective, a McDonald's Big Mac has 1.04 grams of sodium, 1.02 gramsfor a Burger King Whopper has, and a Wendy's Baconater has 1.36 grams.

People in the U.S. eat about 10 grams a day, and Europe eats even more. That's a lot of burgers! And we all know everyone's eating them.

So experts recommend a quick fix, with major benefits. Dropping daily intake down to 5 grams a day could prevent 1 million stroke deaths, and 3 millions deaths from cardiovascular disease.

Admittedly, salt tastes good, but if you start cutting back, you stop missing it. And then really salty foods start to taste like garbage.

Via HealthDay News.