AIG is a stock that has been very profitable for us since the summer and one that is on our radar again today. The stock likes to get into very tight ranges before exploding in one direction or the other, and has recently formed a very tight range. The chart tells us to look short this time, and we will keep a very close eye on the trade for range resolution. The trade is multi-layered and can be executed based on your optimal time horizon. The initial trigger is 23.04, then next support is at 22.50, next at 21.30, and then there is nothing in the way of it getting down to 13.50, which would represent a 40% depreciation in the stock price. The stock is truly unique for trading because nobody really has a reasonable valuation for the company and much of the float of the stock is owned by the government. The stock is extremely volatile after breaking out of ranges and should yield another great opportunity in the coming days.