Ever since the launch of the iPhone 4S, Siri has been the talk of the town among all iPhone owners and critics alike. Initially, it was all about the wow factor of Siri. Then the attention turned to the security flaw in Siri and how to fix it. And now Siri is in the news again with questions being asked over how much data does it consume and how it would impact your iPhone 4S data plan?

There've been mixed reports over Siri's data usage patterns. Popular technology site Ars Technica did a detailed investigation to find out how much data a typical Siri user might expect to use in an average month. They assigned Siri a number of tasks including phone tasks, Internet lookup tasks and dictation. Each Siri tasks sends a request to Apple's data centers for processing and the sends the results to a user's iPhone, even if the actual task itself does not require any network connectivity.

Ars Technica found that an average Siri task consumed 63 KB data. It was observed that tasks that are local to the phone appear to require less data than those which lookup the Web. So, if your Siri uses 11 such requests everyday, it would consume nearly 20 MB data every month. Even if you use Siri heavily, only 30 MB of data will be used monthly.

Some iPhone 4S users have reported higher data usage. For example, this user reported on Apple's forum that he used Siri non stop to send text messages, set reminders, check his work schedule and to make calls. In his case, Siri gobbled up 12.67 MB of data in just a couple of days.

None the less, unless you're on a bare-minimum limited data plan, there's nothing to be worried about Siri's data consumption habits. Since most carriers offer 2 GB as the low-end data plan for iPhone 4S, even heavy Siri usage would consume less than two percent of the entire plan for the month.

So, sit back and let Siri do the work for you - after all, your wish is Siri's command!

The original post was published on Simon Blog