When Steve Jobs in his June'11 WWDC speech introduced iCloud to a packed house of cheering Apple enthusiasts and media; anticipation of a technological marvel was sowed. The release of the iOS 5 recently brought to rest all speculations and buzz related to this amazing creation from Apple Inc. - The iCloud.

The new iOS 5 comes loaded with an online backup and syncing service iCloud, however, its allotted 5 GB space is considered by many to be too economical a space for geeks, without much storage space to spare. Thereby, the next option would be to maximize your back-up and storage space. So more the space, you can save and back-up all the apps, Contacts, messages, calendar events, and other important data stored on your iPhone to Apple's remote servers rather than your local computer. And this is applicable for all your Apple devices like the iPad, iPod touch and the iMac.

Has it occurred to you that the iCloud in your iOS device has displayed a larger utilized space rather than remaining? There has been several reported instances where e.g 4.7GB space has been displayed as being utilized, which in actual you haven't. It is only after you optimize the iCloud settings does the space display '4.7GB remaining'. Therefore, it is essential to optimize iCloud for your iPhone so as to completely utilize the free allotted space of 5GB.

Simple Steps to Optimize iCloud for iPhone

Step 1. Go to Settings and select iCloud, Settings > iCloud screen on your iOS device. You will come across some pre-installed Apple Apps. However, those are a handful, I'm sure you want to find many of them - in fact almost all of them.

Step 2. Scroll down to Storage & Backup, and tap it. There choose the third option - Manage Storage

Step 3. Here select the entry <name> for your iOS device under Backups.

Step 4. Meet the list of the top five storage-using apps here. Scroll down and click Show All; and then select app by app - the items you want to back up.

Step 5. You have the option to discard the apps you do not want to store or backup. So, all you need to do is toggle those to off, after which a tab reading Turn Off & Delete will appear. However, you can still access the app and its data on your device after clicking on it - because data deletion has so far taken place only from iCloud's storage space.

Thereafter, you can see the remaining available space at the bottom of the screen. So the better you clean-up your app backup space, better will you be able to optimize the free 5GB space. But, all of you who aren't interested in all the economics of limiting yourself to the 5GB mark; can indulge yourself with extra storage space starting $20/year for 10GB from Apple.


The original post was published on Simon Blog: How to Optimize iCloud to Maximize Storage