So you've purchased several apps on iPhone and you forgot to backup the purchased apps before restoring your iPhone. You thought you've lost the apps and need to purchase them again!

Recently I faced a similar situation. To try out all the latest iOS features, I upgraded my iPhone to the iOS 5 beta. But before that, I completely forgot to backup the iPhone data including all recently-purchased apps.

Have you ever encountered such situation? Don't worry. You do not need to pay again. There is a way to re-download the purchased apps. Here is how.

Re-download Apps on iPhone

On iPhone, open "App Store" and tap "Updates" button in the tab bar. Then select "Purchased" and iPhone will show your purchase history.

From here, you should be able to find all your purchased apps and freeapps that you've downloaded. Just pick any of the apps and tap the "Cloud" button to re-download the app.


Re-download the Apps via iTunes

Alternatively, you can also re-download the apps by using iTunes.

1. Once you launch iTunes, click "iTunes Store" on the sidebar.

2. In the "App Store Quick Links" section, click "Purchased" and sign in with your App Store account.


3. iTune then displays all your purchased apps. From here, you can select any of the apps and click the "cloud" button to re-download it.


The original post was published here: How To Re-Download Purchased Apps on iPhone and iTunes