Thrive is ambitiously designed for truly

sophisticated women. According to founder and owner Rob Meadows, the

line aims to reach those people who make a difference in the world.

Founded in 2005 in Los Angeles, Thrive was born from Meadows'

need to step out of his own proferssional field: I wanted to do

something more creative, something outside the world of technology

where I come from...and fashion really interested me. The transition

was surprisingly simple, as the LA-based entrepreneur studied local

fashion talents with an outside consumer's eye.


having no training as a fashion designer, Meadows is always involved in

the creative side of his label. What's more, his incongruous background

has become an integral part of the conceptual process behind the

collections. It is interesting to watch both the industries, he

observes. The trend right now in technology is very similar to what we

are doing in fashion: an iPhone, for example, looks very simple from

the outside, but when you get closer there are a lot of details,

there's a lot of complexity in there.

If the spring/summer '09 collection's defining theme was

graphic design, then the autumn/winter '09 collection is a mix of

simplicity and chaos. Designed by Benjamin Cho, this recent collection

embraces the duality Meadows finds in today's technology and fashion

trends. We really wanted to bring together a couple elements: an

element of simplicity in the profile and the silhouette, and a little

bit of chaos in the details, he explains. Designer Benjamin Cho adds

that it is a unique look, with a lot of hand painting.

Using a combination of talent in New York and Los Angeles,

Thrive is selling in the USA for the moment, but Meadows is looking to

open to Japan and Europe as well. We are starting to look at designers

that could fill the gap, he says.