Well we do know that an iPadcan turn out to be an extremely multi-purpose device, but there are two uses that take on the rest of the uses head on - typing and web surfing! But more often than not, especially with the ones not used to of typing on a touch screen device, typing may become a hassle. In such a case, an external keyboard is desirable for your iPad. But if you already are a proud owner of an iPhone, along with the iPad, you do not need an external keyboard sort of accessory, 'cause the combo of both these iDevices can do the magic! Special mentions to iPod touch here, which can also be used as an external keyboard for your iPad, instead of an iPhone.

So what's the big deal? Do we need to jailbreak the iPad or iPhone/iPod touch first? The answer is no. All you need to do is download a simple app from the iTunes App Store on both the devices you wish to make a combo of, an iPad and an iPhone/iPod touch that is. Name of the app? External Keyboard - an app that actually makes use of the WiFi or Bluetooth as a connecting medium between the two iDevices and allows you to use all the languages offered on the iPhone/iPod touch that aren't available on the iPad itself.


But then come the demerits. As mentioned earlier, the app needs to be running on both the devices you wish to make out a combo of. When you're writing an email through this app, because of the reason that thisapp works as a web browser, you are only restricted to filling in the body of the email an don't the rest of the smaller bits such as the To, From, Subject, etc fields, that still need to be filled using the original on-screen keyboard of iPad.

So yeah, that's a bit of hassle and not everyone would be comfortable with such shortcomings. Nevertheless, the app is up for grabs, available for only $0.99. Not to forget, the app must be downloaded on both the devices you wish to use in pair. Here's the iTunes App Store link to download the app.




The original post was published here: How to Turn iPhone into an External Keyboard for iPad