A little copy and paste from one of those sample cover letters never hurt anyone right? Wrong, dead wrong!

The Avalanche of Job Seekers

You see, hundreds of resumes land on the desks of the hiring managers every single day. Do you think in looking at these things day after day they begin to see a pattern of slush and laziness develop. You better believe they do, you're not fooling anyone by trying to cut corners and frankly, you're not impressing anyone either.

How Not To Get The Interview

It would be nice if the cover letter was just a formality and all you had to do was just use spell check and some proper grammar and then put all your effort into the resume itself. And that's what most people think the letter is for, to get it to the right person, introduce yourself, etc. But an attention getting Cover Letter is the ONLY way to insure you are going to land the interviews you are seeking. Does the word Generic sound like anything you should be using to become attention getting? I will let you in on a little secret, the Resume Cover Letter may in some respects be even more important than the resume itself! Go back and read that sentence one more time!

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The Cover Letter is really your Sales Letter

So, right about now you are wondering, how could that be. Let's face it the person who is going to be sifting through your resume package is human and subject to all the tricks and techniques that, well, get's our attention. Your cover letter is the first impression that the hiring manager is going to get see about you, will it be a boring one, a basic one, a generic one. Or will it be eye catching and make them immediately think, I want to know more about this candidate, I have to get them in here immediately before some other company grabs them first. And you only have a few seconds to accomplish this! You are literally selling yourself as the best potential job candidate that they have seen. A Generic Cover Letter will fail every time to deliver these kind of desired results!

The Personalized Cover Letter with The Wow Factor

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What you do need to make your Cover Letter sparkle and shine:

1) It must include a Headline Introduction - this is what grabs the readers attention and makes them keep reading!

2) Forget the overused, played out phrases that EVERYONE uses! Cookie Cutter style writing will make the hiring managers eyes glaze over and toss your job hopes into the waste basket!

3) Address your letter to a specific person - show the respect, the effort you are willing to make and demonstrate how you go the extra mile. When people see their name it already makes your cover letter feel more special!

4) Use the PS technique - it just works, its works for any kind of sales letter really, and I guarantee it will set you apart from the rest of the competition like you can't imagine, giving you proven results!

5) Luckily if you take the time and apply just a little bit of effort you won't fall into the trap that will most surely kill your interview chances on the spot. And remember NO Interview = NO JOB!

How To Write A Cover Letter

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