The HP Touchpad doubled its original price cut AND made it permanent, hoping to better compete with Apple's upcoming iPad 3.

 In a "Message from Stephen DiFranco", the HP executive confirmed that the "$100 off" special that the company had been offering last weekend for two TouchPad models was becoming permanent (in other words, the 16GB now sells for $399.99 and the 32GB for $499.99).

This immediately gives the TouchPads a $100 edge on the comparable Apple iPad, models -- and perhaps more, depending on whether any of the same additional in-store discounts will also be seen (Staples, for instance, was briefly offering another $100 off during the initial promotion). Coupled with the TouchPad's highly touted WebOS platform, this is thought to provide HP with the potential to decrease Apple's considerable lead in the tablet market.

However, the discounts are coming only about a month after the TouchPads launched in the first place, and only a few weeks after the first $50 price cut. For many observers, this seems to indicate that sales are not all that HP might have hoped.

Then again, the 'official launch' came several weeks after the TouchPads first appeared on the market -- although those devices were buggy enough to be a potential embarrassment that HP would like everyone to forget. Still, with more sales comes more exposure to the WebOS platform, and more developers coming up with the apps that make the devices so attractive.

HP should also be concerned with an expected pre-holiday slew of new tablets running Google's Android operating system. The Android OS leads in mobile market share, although the immense popularity of the iPad gives Apple 75% of the tablet market -- with costlier Android tablets filling in much of the missing space. As of now, HP may be in a position to use a price lever to capitalize on an early lead.

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