Largely lost in the hype and excitement surrounding yesterday's Hewlett-Packard device announcements was the Palm Pre 2, a device so obscure that it seems to have vanished from HP's consciousness.

But yesterday former Palm CEO Jon Rubenstein announced that the Pre 2 has finally made its reappearance.

Available for pre-order, Verizon is offering the HP Pre 2 for $99 with a two-year contract. The phone will also be available unsubsidized for $450. The phone will be available in stores Feb. 17.

A successor to the original Pre and the Palm Pre Plus, the Pre 2 was announced in October 2010 -- and then promptly forgotten. Released in France and as a GSM unlocked version online, news of the Pre 2's North American release was scant until yesterday. Early rumors suggested that the phone would be released on Feb. 17 via Verizon Wireless.

But with yesterday's announcement of both the HP Pre 3 and Veer, it's unlikely that the Pre 2 will gain much traction, especially if the Pre 3 makes its forecasted summer appearance.

Calls to Hewlett-Packard were not returned.

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