Hong Kong shares yestoday rebounded to 17,500, backed by China Mobile after the day before's plunge of 237 pcts; Hang Seng Index yestoday jumped 213 pcts to close at 17,521, the largest growth size in simple day since Sept.

The index futures's activities turned to tame, the-month future index ended at 17,555 pct, up 34; the turnover only gained 100 thousand pieces, less than Tuesday's 190 thousand.

Sources in securities sector predicted the index future remains the rising trend in short term, but it will change agter ICBC listed in end of Octomber.

Besides, US stocks yestoday performed very well, Dow-Jones index approached the new peak in history, seeing 11,698 pcts. Affected by the US market, Asian stocks universally done well, Nikei Average Index surged 390, closing at 15,947; Backed by peripheral market, HK stocks opened highly up 170 pcts; driven by China Mobile, shares rose at most 232 pcts, closing at 17,521, an HK431.8 billion turnover.

After China Mobile, recently plunged as the rumor about allotment of shares, clarified its plan without allotment, its stocks rose about 3%, closing at 55.1 yuan, attributing 102 pct to HSI. Besides, Bank of China (Hong Kong) jumped 5.3%, closing at 17.48 yuan, backed by securities firms; Lifung increased 3%, closing at 19.72 yuan, driven by the over-expected US consumer confidence index issued Tuesday evening.

China enterprises shares performed well, breaking 7000 pcts, closing at 7070, up 103 pct; China Life Insurance, dragged by rumor of allotment of shares, yestoday rebounded up 3.06% , closing at 15.48 yuan. RMB exchage rate tending to rise backed the mainland property stocks, Shimao real estate rose 6.2%, closting at 19.72.