HST Global Inc. is an integrated biotechnology health and wellness company that is developing and/or acquiring a network of wellness centers worldwide. The wellness centers will be primarily focused on the immunotherapy and alternative treatment of late stage cancer.

The company today announced that it has finalized the formal licensing model that will be used by its international partners in the development of its clinical treatment facilities worldwide. As previously announced, HST Global has partnered with Health Matters International (HMI), a Canadian company that has vast international knowledge in the healthcare industry.

Through this association, HMI identified Panama and Costa Rica as potential countries for the development of HST’s clinical treatment facilities. Licensing fees will range between $250,000 and $500,000 and will be measured against the “drawing” population of the location. While other factors will be involved in each individual country such as demographic data and economic circumstances, the fee will incorporate training, initial products and on-site development for each respective team. In addition, HST will be paid a royalty amount for each application of the company’s protocol.

The CFO of HST Global, Wes Tate, stated: “It is exciting to see the results of the efforts required to transition HST from a development stage company to a revenue producing endeavor. The company has spent the past several months grooming relationships, investing in research and development, and implementation of our overall strategic plan. With the finalization of our worldwide licensing model, we will commence the next phase of our strategy via international growth.”