This morning, HST Global, Inc. announced that EBITDA Capital, LLC has launched an initiative, on behalf of the company, to place health and wellness center operations within the Native American Community. HST Global has asked EBITDA Capital to negotiate with known contacts within the Native American community so that health and wellness centers can be built on tribal reservations.

According to the press release, HST is focused on expanding around the world to insure that its treatments and solutions are available to all communities. The company believes the Native American communities are advantageously positioned for accessibility to both Native and Non-Native American people.

Mr. Chet Noblett, Managing General Partner that is assisting with this initiative and has a strategic plan in process, said, “We are currently working with several Native American nations and they have been very receptive to the HST Global proposals. Native Americans have always believed in the concept of being healers.”

Mr. David Martinez added, “Native Americans wish to be in a position to partner with HST Global to offer an alternative health and wellness solution. By placing these clinics on tribal lands, the opportunity for an immediate influence is enhanced for both the Native Americans and the community at large.

Ron Howell, President and CEO of HST Global, Inc. commented, “HSTC is excited to have the opportunity to leverage the contacts EBITDA Capital has within the Native American communities in developing relationships for the opening of our health and wellness centers. The opening of clinics on tribal reservations is part of the natural progression of our strategic plan to have health and wellness clinics worldwide that offer homeopathic and alternative health care options for those who are experiencing life-threatening illnesses.”