HST Global, Inc., an integrated biotechnology health and wellness company, announced this morning that it has launched an initiative with EBITDA Capital, LLC to pursue medical reimbursements for its treatments.

HST Global, Inc. has launched this new initiative in view of the recent changes made to the federally funded Medicare Programs. The Company has asked EBITDA Capital, LLC and its Political Affiliates to initiate a dialogue with the proper federal agencies so that their treatments for fourth stage cancer are included in Medicare payment schedules.

Mr. Chet Noblett, Managing General Partner, and his team at EBITDA Capital have already established a plan of action for contacting the government agencies. Mr. Noblett stated, “The entire Federal program for medical reimbursement is being reviewed and the cost savings from HST treatments should be considered by the appropriate agencies. Not only does HST offer a credible treatment solution but the savings to taxpayers are extremely important at this time.”

Ron Howell, President and CEO of HST Global, Inc. commented, “As I have stated previously, there is a growing population of individuals experiencing the lack of available alternatives in treating late stage cancer. In addition, the costs of these traditional alternatives have sky-rocketed over the past few years. HST is reaching across many opportunities to insure that its treatments and solutions are well recognized as not only affordable but also cost effective.”

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