HST Global, Inc., a leading integrated biotech, health and wellness concern, disclosed today that the Company will be developing a Clinical Treatment Facility in Ecuador, where prevailing conditions present lucrative opportunities for expanding its business model.

By developing a network of Wellness Centers around the world focused on late-stage cancer treatments, immunotherapy, and other innovative solutions which the Company is constantly in the process of acquiring, HSTC focuses on treatments which have already undergone significant clinical testing to validate their efficaciousness for late-stage cancer patients.

With readiness to utilize the sort of integrative and science-based cancer treatments that HSTC is so abundantly familiar with continuing to increase worldwide, the Company is confident of the strategy to expand by opening its own unique brand of Cancer Treatment Centers in quickly developing locations like Ecuador.

By leaning into such prospering international markets, HSTC looks to reach a worldwide footprint for its innovative model, and Ecuador is an important stepping stone that will attract patients from around the world and help to solidify both the brand and the services offered.

President and CEO of HSTC Ron Howell commented on the “demographic diversity and economic infrastructure that Ecuador has developed”, noting the creation of world-class facilities which make sound use of precisely the sort of cutting-edge technologies that seamlessly integrate with the Company’s own clinical protocols.

Howell pointed out that the Company was still in the “initial phases” of developing its Ecuador strategy as a whole, and was working very hard to leverage the existing relationships that HSTC has cultivated around the world.

Howell acknowledged the crucial nature of these global partners in helping HSTC make use of its own capacities and “align its resources in an effort to develop an Ecuadorian facility”.

CFO for HSTC Wes Tate expressed his pleasure at the opportunity to move forward with the campaign of international expansion by developing this facility in Ecuador, and noted that the Company was keen to seek out additional opportunities to mature the corporate strategy by benefiting the global community and enhancing overall shareholder value with sustainable profitability.