In 2008, HST Global, Inc. announced that it has met 72% efficacy in pre-clinical treatment of Stage IV cancer in a test of 250 patients. In the press release announcing results, Ronald Howell, President & CEO of HST Global, Inc., stated, “We are encouraged by these results and are looking forward to subjecting the study to more rigorous tests to support eventual commercialization.”

The company has obtained the rights to a pre-clinical outcome-based study using the pre-clinical drug trade named Salicinium. This natural substance derived from plants is both an oral and a parenteral active inhibitor of certain fermenting enzyme dynamics in the cancer cells. Clinical studies show that Salicinium alters malignant cell fermentation dynamics, blocks cell division (mitosis), and causes fermenting cancer cells to lose their ability to endure innate immune reactions.

The pre-clinical study proved Salicinium's efficacy and safety, as well as freedom from adverse toxicities and adverse side-effects. The study concluded that Salicinium is a novel, homeopathic, immune boosting therapy that when used alone in breast cancer, isolated from other cancers, showed an overall response rate of 79% at 33 months.

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