width=315Inspired by the wondrous world created by Tim Burton in his new film adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, H.Stern, in partnership with Disney, has created a fantastical collection of rings that capture key moments in Alice's journey. The rings are available worldwide by special order only.In keeping with the organic and natural forms that are perennial inspirations for the brand, H.Stern's designers veered away from more familiar characters, and chose instead to focus on spectacular creatures and natural elements found in Wonderland. Thus, while we still find a familiar feral grin in the Cheshire Cat, he is ensconced in a wild tangle of swirling branches.

A total of five pieces were created, all outrageous rings that are more wearable sculpture than traditional jewelry. In addition to the Cheshire Cat, there is a topiary bird with delicate leaves fashioned from gold and green enamel. Talking flowers are rendered in H.Stern's signature noble gold, with accents of diamond and purple enamel. The infamous Jabberwocky is as terrifying in black gold and diamonds as he is on the big screen.

And finally, the mushroom forest is recreated in earthy enamels, textured gold, and a smattering of diamonds. The toadstools are so perfectly captured, your gaze naturally wanders, looking for a caterpillar and a telltale plume of smoke.